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Category: 3D Studio -> 3D Studio Utilities
Size: 12k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 369
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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MELT 1.2 -- for 3D Studio MAX 1.x
Melt is an object modifier that simulates gradual decay to any geometric mesh. It will
appear in the modifier menu, under 'Ishani Modifier Tools'. To use it, select the object
that you wish to melt, apply the modifier and increase the Melt % spinner.

There are also two extra controls for the melt; spread (% of Melt) which controls how
much the modifier will sag and spread the edges. Cutoff can be used to partition the
object so that only a certain level will melt away, the others will be left untouched.

With 1.1, you can now specify a 'viscosity' setting that will edit the melt curve. Ice is the
default (value of 2.0) but custom values are defineable. the lower the value, the more
shallow the curve - if it drops below 1.0, the curve will invert and the mesh will
collapse in on itself. Above 1.0, it will act as a positive curve.

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