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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.
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Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 90k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 387
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Dimension within AutoCAD R13 using
tolerances to ISO286 standard.
RKAD_DIM program allows to dimension within AutoCAD R13 using
tolerances to ISO286 standard for limits and fits. Dimensions are created entering
standard deviation designation like H7, p6 etc or by entering deviations directly
using dialog box. Dimensions can be created as limits or as nominal dimension
with deviations. The program is complemented by utilities to edit dimension
tolerancing and to manipulate dimension text like adding/removing diametral
symbol, underline, and commonly used suffixes as 'TYP', 'REF' etc. For DOS
version RKADDIMD.MNU (modified ACAD.MNU file) should be used and for
Windows version RKADDIMW.MNU (partial menu file for a toolbar definition)
should be used.

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