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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.
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Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 5407k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 566
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Inventory Extraction ver 1.0.0 for R14 -
This is the shareware version of the Inventory Extraction Utility for Windows 95/98.

This program aids in the extraction of bill of material information from AutoCAD drawings.

(Note: AutoCAD is copyrighted by Autodesk, Inc.). This shareware version has been tested

with AutoCAD version 14. An AutoCAD version 13 block has been included with the installation.

This utility uses a drawing block named dev-info.dwg, which contains fields for bill of

material attribute information. The drawing block allows the user to enter item numbers,

manufacturer names and part numbers. AutoCAD version 13 and 14 drawing blocks are provided during

installation of this software. Two sub folders named /acad13 and /acad14 contain these blocks.

An AutoCAD template file has also been provided. The name of this file is INVENTRY.txt.

Please read the help information and tutorial sections after you install the software for more


Using the DDATTEXT command in AutoCAD, the bill of material information for each drawing may be

saved to text files. The Inventory Extraction utility is a standalone program that takes all

of these text files and generates a bill of materials. This final bill of materials is saved as

a text file and includes quantities for all parts.

The shareware version supports item numbers from 1-15. If your bill of materials has more than 15

different items, any item numbers above 15 will be truncated from the final list.

The full version of the Inventory Extraction software may be ordered directly from Seaworthy Software.

Please read the OrderForm.txt and License.txt files for more information. The full version supports item

numbers from 1-999 (up to 999 different part numbers can be in a bill of materials).

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