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XTools ver 5.1 554111.75KB
XTools contains 17 extended Xref functions. Some functions include, the ability to attach ....more
XYFunctor 141023k
This app allows you to create curves-polylines based on mathematical equation. While you a ....more
XLS2DXF Version 2.0 1010718.25KB
Ideal Engineering XLS2DXF 2.0 NEW VERSION! NEW FEATURES! Save Excel Cells as DXF Files ....more
Xplode.lsp 43617k
This is a replacement for the EXPLODE command in AutoCAD. It allows you to control all ....more
Xplot.exe 776875
XPLOT LOGGER PRO 3.83x(Acad14). Increase your firm's income now! The most flexible, bui ....more 115912k
XTOOLS was developed to allow the user to work more efficiently with Externally Referenced ....more