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Title Rating Downloads Size
Exhibition Center 4436108.83KB
This is an Exhibition Center or City Center building. Very complex. Uses different colors ....more
Courtyard 3409179.45KB
This is a simple sketch of a courtyard of a house. The drawing includes foliage and a pers ....more
Estate on Hill 2715242.96KB
This is a multiview file of an estate drawn in Sketchup. This estate is located on a hill, ....more
Government Office Building 3583494.56KB
This is a nice office building (typical government type) with some nice rendering. ....more
Curved Roof 2752354.01KB
This building was drawn to show the ability of Skethup to do smooth curved shapes. ....more
Skyscraper Logo 2350156.93KB
This is the file used to create the Sketchup logo. This is a skyscraper view of a city. ....more
Topography 329861.49KB
Simple home drawn on a hillside to show topography. The hillside is displayed with topogra ....more
Transit Center 244876.42KB
A commercial transit center ....more
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