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Title Rating Downloads Size
Iknow2D 32913.1MB
Generate powerful feedback on your 3D models by creating orthographic and isometric 2D dra ....more
AnimatedSlidingDoor.exe 57791168k
Animated 3D sliding doors Animated SolidWorks assembly of pocketing sliding doors. The o ....more
AutoPara for AutoCAD 14604.91KB
AutoPara, a powerful parametric engine for AutoCAD, make you more productive ....more 4445434k
Tarkus01 for SolidWorks 2000 beach chair ....more 46012090k
Bevel gear assembly - Bevel gears, 20 deg pressure angle 40 tooth gear with (2) 20 tooth p ....more
BatchWorks B1R1 18391.48MB
Batch program to automate tasks like converting and printing. Works inside SolidWorks 2001 ....more
Coupler1.exe 2096500k
Transition pipe coupler component Coupler1: A SolidWorks straight transition/long barrel ....more
Coupler2.exe 2045484k
Steel pipe coupler component Coupler2: A SolidWorks steel coupler assembly in an eDrawing ....more
Custom Property Propa-Gater, v1.0.6 19585.17MB
The Custom Property Propagator provides an efficient means of managing Custom Properties a ....more
Dowel Hole Selector v1.00 Basic 192618.18KB
Dowel Hole Selector v1.00 Basic Insert dowel holes into your parts. User selects the no ....more 2496785k
Fish-ball Working with configurations model sample ....more
Flat Sheet Generator v1.00 Basic 201715.25KB
Generates a flat sheet (e.g. sheet metal) using a thin-extrusion. Includes common sheet th ....more
HydraulicCylinder.exe 4940476k
Hydraulic cylinder A SolidWorks hydraulic cylinder assembly in an eDrawing format that al ....more
import.exe 23921480k
Import Editor 1.0 for SolidWorks Import Editor is a program that automatically edits the ....more
MinBBox 1.0 184495.12KB
MinBBox is a tool developed to find the tightest possible bounding box which encloses a So ....more


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