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AutoCAD - Text/Dimension Util.

244 items -- Showing Files 196 thru 210
198 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size 393921K
46 AutoCAD hatch patterns ....more
Scale Convert 1.0 5741.5KB
SCV 1.0 - Scale Converter. (by Andrea Andreetti) Very useful Aline and/or scale the sele ....more
SetDate r 1.0 5807k
This program replace any text (text, mtext or block attribute), with the system date. You ....more 56815k
Sfactor v2.5 for ACAD r12, r13 and r14 - Updated Scale factor routine. Scale factor routi ....more 131745k
font library 's' ....more
SHX2shp v2.02 for win98 2683121k
A good new AutoCAD SHX fonts decompiler and viewer! Main functions: Shx files decompile ....more