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Title Rating Downloads Size
KozMos-AllApplicationX2002 5322055k
KozMos AllApplicationX2002 is a collection of some useful plug-in sharewares running withi ....more
Kzxmetal-The Sheet Metal Calculator 2424.92MB
KzxMetal is a multi - function shop math utility program for all your sheet metal math nee ....more
laPowerTools v2 (r14) - AutoCAD Layer Standards Manager 1328865k
Very easy to use AutoCAD Layer Manager (AutoCAD r14). Update from v1.x: -Now supports AI ....more
laPowerTools v2 1267466k
laPowerTools is a straightforward AutoCAD layer manager that simplifies the task of implem ....more
LayerCommander 909343k
This LayerCommander is a useful tool for your work with AutoCAD2000(i) for a comfortable m ....more
LayerTrans.exe 8893248k
LayerTrans.exe for R14 - Layer Checker & Translator for R14 - works as easily as a spell c ....more
Layer Browser - Version 1.0 12577k
Layer Browser displays all objects on any layer using a simple dialog menu to select that ....more
LeanWall 1.10.40 5112.23MB
LeanWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry ....more
Licket Split 620952k
If you're still manually splitting your part geometry, then you need to see our newest pro ....more
LineCommander 491251k
This LinineCommander administration of groups of lines as a type directory of AutoCAD. Ass ....more
LispX 9411514k
LispX is a program that creates trial versions of AutoLisp programs. The trial versions fu ....more
LITIO2 - 3D Sheet metal unfolding software 2.0 397795.31KB
LITIO is a sheet metal program that calculates flat (unfolded) sheet development of ducts, ....more
LivingLegend 4.61 16711793k
LivingLegend creates beautiful, associative BOM's, schedules and symbol legends in seconds ....more
Layer Lexicon 3.0 721657k
This great tool floats on the AutoCAD screen for quick access and can be minimized with a ....more 64369k
Easily insert & modify cross sections of lumber. Provides a simple solution for managing b ....more
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