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AutoCAD - Architectural Hardware

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31 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size 3164369k
Cad Emmy Steeler V1.0 creates 1094 steel members up to 5000 real size symbols automatical ....more 2053449k
Wblock Symbols of fittings for piping drawings for AutoCad 13,14 ....more 159422k
FITTINGS PROGRAM - a lisp based program for drawing the Pipe Fittings in Metric System an ....more
flange.exe 1104246k
Flange for R10 + - 2D flange fitting Library based on ANSI CLOW Pipe Hand Book. Not all ....more
flatpipe.lsp 17064k
FLATPIPE.LSP Draws a flat pattern to be wrapped around a pipe indicating Cut line for int ....more 185862k
FLGPROv1 for ACAD R12 - R14 - - draws weldneck/slipon and blind flanges from 1/2" to 24" ....more 32931k
Fplan.lsp - Draw foundations in plan view ....more
G-code Generator/Simulator Ver1.04 108391.86MB
G-code Generator: You can make G-code program directly from the AutoCAD window. Prog ....more 5852k
3 and 4 section gore geometry for piping/plant layout. Gore3.lsp draws 3 section gore Gore ....more
HatchKit 2.7 801849.98KB
HatchKit v2.7 CAD Visual CAD Hatch Pattern Editor HatchKit provides a complete visual s ....more 187174k
Autolisp HVAC Utilities for Autocad R12 , R13 and R14 Windows ....more 166229k
HVAC duct tool version 3. Draws double line ductwork via a dialog box interface with too m ....more 2197649k
a large collection of hvac-oriented lisps ....more