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Title Rating Downloads Size
SQL-IMDB in-memory database component 5452075k
Lightweight in-memory database with SQL interface which can be used by multiple (even CAD ....more
Quer1 493328k
Querprofile fE Gleiskörper zeichnen, hier die Demoversion mit nur einer Schwelle sonst k ....more
QuickSymb 1167199k
QuickSymb is a block manager for Autocad 2000/2000i, to simplify inserting blocks (symbols ....more
QwikFastener 3.4.1 13491.5MB
QwikFastener - Fastener Creator. The key features of the program are: Significantly spee ....more
QwikFastener 2.0 1721483k
QwikFastener® 2.0 for AutoCAD 2000 & 2002. Copyright © 2001, Noel Voloh. This is a fully ....more
RapidDXF 3.1 510783.44KB
RapidDXF reads ASCII (text) files of coordinates and creates DXF (version 12) files of poi ....more
DDRenum 102011k
This command allows you to renumber text entities or block attributes in the order the ent ....more
Resource Tuner v1.60 5121160k
Resource Tuner is the advanced visual resource editor for 32 bit Windows executable files. ....more
InvoluteGear for SolidWorks 44301.0MB
Involute Gear for SolidWorks is a add-in to SolidWorks that automatically draws involute s ....more 559188k
Try out the demo version of RealLensFlare Pro Flare module and learn why top animation ....more
IMO Sample Library 964106k
Sample Library of International Maritime Organization safety symbols used in safety and ev ....more
Script Generator 7713048k
Easy to use AutoCAD Script Generator. Demo version includes Customizeable plot script. Reg ....more
SDUCT 2009 2097.39KB
SDUCT is a powerful utility for drawing ventilation ductwork rapidly in AutoCAD®. Stand ....more
setup-lpin14.exe 487554k
LPIN14 build 114a for R14 - LPIN14 allows you to import Lightscape LP and VW files into A ....more
setup-lpin15.exe 494299k
LPIN14 build 114a for 2000 - LPIN14 allows you to import Lightscape LP and VW files into ....more
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