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Title Rating Downloads Size
SOL2.exe 6231611k
Solution 2.0 v2.2 for AutoCAD 13 + Tools for AutoCAD including: Project management, param ....more
SolidMech Version 3.2 43852726k
SolidMech development just took a giant leap forward with the inclusion of manufacturers c ....more
3d_flange.lsp 196213k
Routine for drawing 3D Flanges in AutoCAD 2000. ....more
Specec 1.0 557402k
Specec 1.0 is a spell checker for AutoCAD 2000. The full version has a basic dictionary wi ....more 10453797k
DetailGuide 1.6.2 The DetailGuide is for anyone in the construction industry who requires ....more
SplineToPolyline 127521.15KB
Convert every autocad spline to polylines in a fast way and using few arcs and lines to ap ....more 92033k
Piping Spool Demo V1.0 for R12 - 13 - Autolisp demo program for drawing pipe spool and ....more
MAYA 355447B
Simple Symbol System 2000 for AutoCAD 2000 SIMPLE SYMBOL SYSTEM 2000 - Simple Symbol Syst ....more
Stamp fx 6663.2MB
Stamp fx offers you the ability to add any combination and any number of 10 information st ....more
Stl_ShpsPlus 935117k
This is a demo for Stl_ShpsPlus, it has one example of each shape listed: (aisc & cisc) ....more
Steel Shape - Block Maker ver 1.1 80384k
Steel Shape - Block Maker is a simple, user-friendly utility for drawing AISC steel shape ....more
Steel Stubs 26027125k
Steel Stubs is an add-on programme for AutoCAD 2000 & Mechanical Desktop. It facilitates t ....more
Surveying Tools 665647.31KB
Surveying Tools is built to eliminate the most common bottlenecks in BricsCad IntelliCAD a ....more
SolidView/Lite 5854295k
SolidView/Lite is a free viewer of SFX files which are created by SolidView/Pro. (Japanese ....more
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