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AutoCAD - 3D Tools

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34 archive items
Title Rating Downloads Size
3D STRETCH 958269.2KB
The Quick Draw 3D Stretch utility for AutoCAD full versions 2000 2008, developed by JMHs ....more
QD Object Control 2621.61MB
The QD Object Control is a dockable dialog box that allows the user to create groups of dr ....more
Quickmesh3D 321623k
Quickmesh3D.lsp provides you an easy way to create meshes or 3dsolids and make holes to th ....more
QS2.ZIP 168072k
QuickSurf is a fast and flexible contouring system for use in conjunction with AutoCAD(R) ....more 5941k
Qucs.lsp for R12 - 14 automates the UCS 3-point command by calculating the y-axis point f ....more
3D2PF 1440445k
3D2PF is written for AutoCAD 2000. It converts 3DFaces to a complex Polyline (Polyface mes ....more