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AutoCAD R12 for DOS

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&review=425&rowcolor=ffffcc">Bc12dos.exe 772788k
Block Controller v. 8.1 for R12 - MBG Solutions released Block Controller v. 8.1($79) fo ....&review=425&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=428&rowcolor=fce08d"> 708143k
Chris lisp v1 for R12 - Various lisp routines for drawing and dimensioning holes, base pl ....&review=428&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=429&rowcolor=ffffcc"> 614498k
Chris lisp v1-blocks for R12 - AISC Shapes used in Chris lisp v1 lisp routines. ....&review=429&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=3696&rowcolor=fce08d">da3d12d.exe 572324k
A3D for R12DOS ( a.k.a Adjust 3D) - Current version is 4.4 and it is BETA, although fully ....&review=3696&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=2614&rowcolor=ffffcc"> 81982k
AutoCAD DCL files for release 12 translated into spanish - Diálogos DCL para AutoCAD Rele ....&review=2614&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=3091&rowcolor=fce08d"> 109764k
DCL Tutorial (Ver. 1.1)- Step by Step. This is a comprehensive DCL Tutorial in HTML Format ....&review=3091&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=2778&rowcolor=ffffcc"> 49320k
DD_LT - move all lines of a specific linetype to a new layer ....&review=2778&rowcolor=ffffcc">more