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AutoCAD Models

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Title Rating Downloads Size 861369k
3-D R12 drawing of a 10 speed bicycle. ....more
Wings Library ver 1.0 12455.6MB
The Wing and Thumb Library dialog box allows you to easily add industry standard wing nut, ....more 2234234k
R12 3D drawing of a 386 Chip ....more 35901312k
3d Dwg for R13 - a 3d model of a generic tank with some addons, like the short 5 pound g ....more 360758k
3-d plumbing fixtures ....more
3D Flower 41351514k
Render this and send it to sweetie on Feb 14 ....more
3d-men.ZIP 9168422k
R12 3D drawings of 8 Men in various poses ....more
3D-Spyder.dwg 35691385k
3D Drawing of a Spyder Painball gun. Originally drawn in R14 revised in R2000. ....more
3d-tree.ZIP 5804869k
A detailed 3d R12 drawing of a tree ....more
3dbath.dwg 4790842
Autovision for R13 - 14 - this is a 3d dwg. of a bath w/all the fixtures. ....more 399567K
These blocks were drawn in AutoCad 13 and are made up of 3dfaces, pfaces, and solids. ....more