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Title Rating Downloads Size
&review=5574&rowcolor=ffffcc">Exhibition Center 4451108.83KB
This is an Exhibition Center or City Center building. Very complex. Uses different colors ....&review=5574&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=5566&rowcolor=fce08d">Courtyard 3421179.45KB
This is a simple sketch of a courtyard of a house. The drawing includes foliage and a pers ....&review=5566&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=5565&rowcolor=ffffcc">Estate on Hill 2726242.96KB
This is a multiview file of an estate drawn in Sketchup. This estate is located on a hill, ....&review=5565&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=5569&rowcolor=fce08d">Government Office Building 3594494.56KB
This is a nice office building (typical government type) with some nice rendering. ....&review=5569&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=5570&rowcolor=ffffcc">Curved Roof 2763354.01KB
This building was drawn to show the ability of Skethup to do smooth curved shapes. ....&review=5570&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=5573&rowcolor=fce08d">Skyscraper Logo 2362156.93KB
This is the file used to create the Sketchup logo. This is a skyscraper view of a city. ....&review=5573&rowcolor=fce08d">more
&review=5568&rowcolor=ffffcc">Topography 330961.49KB
Simple home drawn on a hillside to show topography. The hillside is displayed with topogra ....&review=5568&rowcolor=ffffcc">more
&review=5567&rowcolor=fce08d">Transit Center 246076.42KB
A commercial transit center ....&review=5567&rowcolor=fce08d">more


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