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AutoCAD - Lisp Files and Tools
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Program Title: KitoX Toolset v5.4
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Lisp Files and Tools
Size: 216.33KB
Date: 13-Apr-2005
Downloads: 367
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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KitoX Toolset application for AutoCAD consists of couple different
command sets and makes drafting work faster and easier. Do not guess
about it's utilities and facilities. Just try this program!

KitoX SmartTools is a set of reactor based "thinking" tools. Program
inserts special objects into drawing with rules, how these objects must
react to the situation changes. The point of this toolset is automatical
edition of defined properties and possibility to bypass common edit

For example, Features of newest SmartVolume Indicator:
*Volume Indicator will be updated automatically after related object's
volume changes (versions 2000 to 2005).
* choice of different Volume Indicator blocks
* ability to choose different input units (Millimeters, Centimeters,
Meters, Inches, Feets) and output units (cu. Meters, cu. Feets)
* Metric and Imperial unit system automatic recalculation, moving from
one system to another
* output precision management
* volume description field
* volume suffix field
* automatic saving of defined parameters in drawing database

KitoX Tools is a set of useful commands for AutoCAD. The point of this
project was to make different changes in the groups of blocks and texts
at once. The best advantage of KitoX Tools is a constant insertion point
rule. This feature prevents multiplying of standard commands. This is a
really great time saver for uniforming scales of predefined details and
modifying labels and remarks. Tested in real practice for a long time.

KitoX Infotools is the reactor based object properties labels. Generally
every command of kitoX infotools binds selected object's property with
related to this property text label. Text label updates automatically
after changing of related property.

KitoX Dimtools is a set of various commands designed to change dimension
text properties according to the special requirements. It can change an
original dimension text to the text, scaled dimension text, real
dimension text, divided dimension text and measured dimension text.

KitoX Notes is a set of common annotation and labeling tools. Annotation
insertion scale managing command included. Made very simply, but this
base is necessary for further development of KitoX Toolset.

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