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Program Title: TIA Helper 3
File Name: TIAH311setup.exe
Category: Engineering/Analysis -> Analysis
Size: 2.44MB
Date: 13-Dec-2005
Downloads: 390
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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TIAH is short for "Traffic Impact Analysis Helper". TIAH is an AutoCAD(R) add-on software that intelligently and automatically brings intersection volumes generated by traffic models such as Traffix(TM) OR Synchro(TM) into your AutoCAD(R) exhibits with just a few mouse clicks. Intersection volume data stored in Excel (or other spreadsheets) can also be used with TIAH. The automated process achieved with TIAH saves tremendous amounts of time and produces zero-error exhibits. With TIA Helper, you will shave off many hours of unnecessary labor and increase profit margins on your Traffic Impact Studies. To find out more about TIAH, please visit us at

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