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Program Title: DWG Miner DLL 2.4
File Name: dwgminer.exe
Category: Utilities -> Programming
Size: 7.82MB
Date: 13-Dec-2005
Downloads: 372
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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DWG Miner DLL is a powerful ActiveX component for quickly extracting and setting data in AutoCAD drawing (DWG) files. DWG Miner DLL contains many functions for updating text values, updating block attribute values, setting layers on/off/frozen/thawed, setting external reference file paths, setting image file paths, creating XML files from drawing data, creating DXF files from drawings, saving drawings as different versions, creating Excel workbooks from drawing data, updating databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, Sybase, etc.) with drawing data, and much more! This product is compatible with all AutoCAD drawing versions and does not require AutoCAD to be installed.

User ReviewsReview This File
Great DLL! I integrated this DLL into my Visual Basic application and it works perfect! I was able to extract the information I needed from our AutoCAD drawings. I'm amazed at how quickly this product extracts the data! --Mark Stone

Great ActiveX control! I need a control that would allow me to extract data from AutoCAD drawings quickly and this DLL does the job! Also, I am able to update block attribute values and text values in my drawing files without owning a copy of AutoCAD. Wonderful! --John Richardson


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