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Program Title: AS Mechanical FREE v1.1
File Name: ASMECHFREE_Setup.exe
Category: AutoCAD Mechanical -> Hardware
Size: 6.55MB
Date: 19-Apr-2007
Downloads: 674
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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AS Mechanical is a parametric 3D hardware library for AutoCAD(2007 and prior). AS Mechanical includes a complete range of hardware items from nuts and bolts to steel and aluminum beams/sections/angles to sprockets and keys and everything in between. Supported standards include ANSI, ISO, DIN, EURO and more.

Create models by clicking the appropriate toolbar button or pulldown menu item. The hardware dialog is presented with default parameters for the specified item. Adjust the available parameters, press the OK button and the item is immediately created.

Not quite what was needed? Select the item, click the edit button to return the same hardware dialog and adjust the parameters as required. OK and the item updates immediately.

AS Mechanical models are recognized by AutoCAD as native solids usable with standard AutoCAD editing commands such as move, copy, rotate, etc., or standard solid commands like union, subtract, slice, etc.(and this is true even for non-AS Mechanical-equipped AutoCAD users with whom you share your drawing files). As just mentioned, AS Mechanical users can edit AS Mechanical models with just one click. AutoSolids users, with the ability to edit the history of their solids, gain the added benefit of being able to edit their hardware even after it's been used in union/subtract/intersect operations!

Don't waste valuable time recreating standard components or painfully searching through pages and pages of online libraries of uneditable "blocks" with limited usefulness. Get the FREE edition of AS Mechanical now or get the full version at http:\\

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