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Program Title: EZ-Plant Landscape Software
File Name:
Category: OtherCAD -> OtherCAD
Size: 1.52MB
Date: 20-Dec-2011
Downloads: 162
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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EZ-Plant Landscape Software is a seamless ADD-ON to Autocad & Bricscad. We provide users with the tools to provide professional contract drawings for these cad systems. The software easily labels hatch areas that represent groundcover, mulch and/or flower areas and quickly labels how many plants and the amount of flats are needed after you select your spacing centers. Then both the quantities and labels change in an instant if you need to edit the areas or spacing choice. EZ-Plant can also lay out your chosen plant symbols in seconds along a line, polyline or arc at your specified ON-CENTER spacing with our EZOFFSET command. You can alternate plant symbols too at your specified spacing distance. Native plants are displayed to easily satisfy Sustainable Sites needs for planting native, with convenient mature plant sizes, height and spread displayed to make designing quick and easy. Add your own plants very easily to the already established plant database chosen directly from plant nursery catalogs with associated unit prices so the cost estimates provided by EZ-Plant are accurate. Installation pricing options are included in EZ-Plant Software. See

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