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File Name: Winxdss1.exe
Category: Utilities -> Conversion
Size: 197k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 325
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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WINDXSS is a Win95/NT program designed to
automatically create Xerox Document Submission
Software (XDSS) for use with the Xerox 8830
Engineering printer. WINXDSS creates .XDS
files for use with this printer. The .XDS files
associate multiple documents with one file and
instructs the printer to print them one after the
other. WINXDSS will take .PLT and .PRN file
names and path(s) as inputs, along with a path
for locating the .XDS files it derives from
matching .PLT and .PRN file names. It matches
the first six characters of the file names.
WINXDSS will search the file names, identify the
matching pairs and automatically create a .XDS
file for each matching pair it finds.

WINXDSS also provides a default configuration file
which can be revised to provide the instructions
sent to the Xerox 8830 printer. This allows you
to tailor the .XDS file to provide instructions
that are compatible with a specific 8830
configuration. The program provides a means
of viewing the .XDS files.

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