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AutoCAD - Lisp Files and Tools

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Category: AutoCAD General -> Lisp Files and Tools
Size: 2k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 609
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Program "zeroes" all internal block definitions, that is it shifts the base
point and location of all entities within the block definition to 0,0,0. The
purpose is to repair all definitions for subsequent potential use of the
command "INSERT =" which is known in both R13 and R14 to cause a
shift of all inserts by virtue of a bug in the
redefinition method. (See Steve Johnson's BUG No. 171)

This bug is known to surface only with block definitions whose base point is
other than 0,0,0. Bear in mind that other than the redefinition bug in R13
and R14, it is perfectly legal to have block definitions with base points other
than 0,0,0.
NOTE: It will fail with any block definition that contains VIEWPORTS since
neither (entmod) nor (entmake) of VIEWPORTs is permitted.

Compliments of CADvantage Custom Utilities

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