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Program Title: Block Controller ver 24.732
File Name: bc14.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> Block and Xref Tools
Size: 1.04MB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 385
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Block Controller ™ Professional (BC) for AutoCAD® R14 provides a set of advanced features which dramatically change your ability to catalog, access, manipulate, modify and administer your AutoCAD blocks

Symbol Cataloging:

Slide Library
classify blocks by logical groups (Libraries)

Library Maker
import any number of Block References or DWG files into BC with automatic slide generation

Library Manager
move, copy or adjust Library blocks

Advanced Manipulation:
BC offers unique ability to Adjust and Replace blocks.

Adjust Blocks
X-flip, Y-flip, Rotate, Rotate90, Move, Explode, Scale, Attedit, Match, Wipe, Undo or Change Properties of selected Block Inserts

Replace instances of one Block with another

Trim Shapes
Cataloged Blocks may be associated with one of five shapes, that allow a Block Insert to trim AutoCAD simple entities like: LINE, POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE, CIRCLE, ARC, ELLIPSE. Don't use that Break command to break lines around your Blocks - define Trim Shape for that block and use Shape Trim Action tool to trim around any number of selected blocks at once!

Smart Dialog Boxes that adjust "on the fly" minimizing waste of your precious screen space

Insert Options
associate a block with unlimited combinations of insert parameters (Layer, Color, Linetype, Attributes, Trim Shape). You can select that combination when block is inserted instantaneously transforming it to desired form and properties


Change block appearance by redefining component properties. Modify Block Definitions without exploding them

Support of Departmental Drawing Standards by associating cataloged Blocks with Insert Properties (Insertion Layer, Color, Linetype)

Standards Manager - Use this module to assign Insert Properties to Libraries instead of going through very tedious task of configuring Insert Properties for each block separately. Selected insert properties will be applied to all blocks in the library.
You can preset a standard for each client and switch to that standard on the fly by one click of a mouse from BC main dialog

User Administration
assign read, write or administration rights to BC users accessing same database through network

BC Reporter
print out contents of your libraries

Instantaneous Access:

Screen Pick – start using a block by "Picking" it from the drawing;

Select from History File
BC maintains references of used blocks in History File for fast retrieval. History File could be saved under logical name and later retrieved from another drawing

Search For Block by typing its name, description or search pattern

Select Block from Slide Library

Extensive Resources:

BC Exchange - powerful means for BC users to exchange block libraries for free. You can submit your libraries to be published on this page or just download from the list
BC Tips - concise guide on how to accomplish different tasks with Block Controller
BC Movie Theater - collection of interactive tutorials on basic and advanced topics

User ReviewsReview This File
This is the perfect way to break down this infromaiton. --Trevion


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