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Program Title: SegP1 QC 1.2
File Name:
Category: Utilities -> Conversion
Size: 2.17MB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 524
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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SegP1 QC is a versatile Seismic QC Tool with 4 main features. This version resolves an installation issue with Windows 2000 and XP users and has many more file import options. SegP1 inputs a preplot and postplot file and displays Offsets in a spreadsheet. Configurable QC settings allow the user to easily identify points out of specification. SegP1 also inputs a postplot file and displays line Spread and Elevation Differences. Offset reports can be exported to a Text File or Excel CSV File. Spread and Elevations can be exported to a Text file, Excel CSV file, or an AutoCAD Script file which automatically draws a complete Line Profile including X and Y axis, labels and profile line. SegP1 Gen can also compute and generate a Mileage Report from imported seismic files such as SegP1 file and SPS files. The last feature, inherited from the SegP1 Gen program, SegP1 QC inputs a Plane Coordinate file and Geographic Coordinate file of the same datum and outputs a complete SegP1 including Date values specified by the user. Inputs can be either Corpscon or Geocalc formats.

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