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Program Title: Square-TO-Round (STOR) V1.02
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Category: OtherCAD -> OtherCAD
Size: 4.73MB
Date: 31-Jan-2006
Downloads: 960
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Square-to-Round (STOR) is a software application to design square-to-round transformers. Within the construction industry, tradesmen and especially sheet metal workers need to know how to construct a square-to-round. Square-to-rounds are often used for hoppers, nozzles, stove chimney hoods, and HVAC pipe work systems. The square-to-round is such an elegant geometrical form and has always been the first great challenge for any apprentice sheet metal worker.

Square-to-rounds are everywhere - you never notice them unless you're looking for them. Geometrically I am talking about any 3D body that transforms from a square to a round: table legs, hanging baskets, lamp shades, bottle necks, heating ventilation and air conditioning duct work. Sheet metal working is only one application and you don't need to be a sheet metal worker to appreciate square to rounds. Because your design can have tapered sides they can be stackable containers or used as casting moulds etc. STOR allows you type in the minimum of geometric properties to be able to draw a square to round surface flattened out onto a 2D plane.

STOR can also handle off-set rectangle-to-round design making the software more versatile and little bit out of the ordinary. Metric and imperial units - you choose. Geometrical calculations are also available at the click of a button: Surface area and internal volume.The full program exports 2D and 3D geometry suitable for games engines, web graphics, and CAD operators.

Please download and try before you buy. The software is free for non-commercial use ( which contains nag screens) and educational use (with no nags). The full version is available (from Catalog ID 300053150) and gives commercial users additional features like DXF, VRML and HTML export and of course eliminates all the nag screens.

You can find more information at:

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