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File Name:
Category: Utilities -> Programming
Size: 71k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 502
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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DDPARAM Release 1.00

AutoLISP expressions and symbols testing enviroment.
DDPARAM gives to user possibility get an overview of 15 symbols. Dialog box
based interface gives possibility enter up to 15 symbols or AutoLISP expressions,
then evaluate them all or one-by-one. Program will display results of evaluating,
remember situation during AutoCAD session and user can save different sets of
symbol names, values and their types to the file or memory. DDPARAM includes
dialog box based environment for testing expressions, which displays in list boxes
tested expressions and results lists. Special error handling function will take care
of incorrectly entered or problematic expressions. It means, that user can correct
problem in edit box and then try again instead of retyping all expression.
Registration will allow me to send you a registered copy of program, printed
manual and a special bonus program. This program gives you possibility to run
AutoLISP programs from beginning to end or partially, check symbol values, put
stop lines into program and during pause see values you are interested in, edit
program, evaluate single expressions, collect them into separate file and use them
in future repeatedly.

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