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File Name: Note_It.ZIP
Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 13k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 693
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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UPDATED - The purpose of this program is to let the user quickly and efficiently
input simple single lines of text. In my line of work, I have the need to
input simple lines of text, and I have found that starting the DTEXT or
TEXT command and then typing the note is not always an easy task
(especially when you have to meet a deadline). Copying, and then
panning/zooming and pasting can also be time consuming (depending upon the
drawing size). That's why I came up with this program. It uses an external
ascii file which makes this program so dynamic. The available notes are not
"hard coded" into the program itself. If you want to change what notes you
can input, just edit the Notes.INF file (this can be done within the
Note_It program) and then click the Refresh button. Be sure to read the
README.txt file included for information on where to place the Notes.INF
file as well as registration for Note_It. Sorry for the inconvenience for
those who have already downloaded Note_It.

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