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File Name: ACTR14.EXE
Category: AutoCAD Architectural -> Architectural Utilities
Size: 115k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1649
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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aCTools R14.1 for AutoCAD 14

The aCTools provide a mechanism for setting and using annotation scale (US Architectural and Civil scales) in AutoCAD drawings. The tools assume that ALL annotation is done either in ModelSpace (Tilemode=1) or PaperSpace (Tilemode=0). If you do annotation in an active PaperSpace viewport, these tools are not for you.

With aCTools you can:

- Set the Annotation Scale in ModelSpace (Tilemode=1) from a pulldown menu of options (including Architectural plan and detail scales and Civil Engineering scales for site plans). The Annotation Scale setting includes Dimscale and Ltscale (and Psltscale in PaperSpace).

- Use built-in text tools in ModelSpace (Tilemode=1) to annotate your drawings based on the Annotation Scale setting. The included Dimension Style can be used at any Annotation Scale in the same way. Annotation Scale sets the Dimscale variable, so many tools that use this value to scale insertions (ArchT, ADT, etc.) will work with the Annotation Scale setting.

- Load the included Dimension Style to dimension your drawings with a style that is based on the included text styles.

- Switch to PaperSpace (Tilemode=0) with the TILE button or the built-in TI command and Annotation Scale is automatically set to 1 (Full scale), ready for annotation text in PaperSpace. Switch back to ModelSpace the same way, and Annotation Scale is returned to the previous value.

- From PaperSpace, in an active viewport, set the viewport scale from a pulldown menu of options.

- Customize the included dimstyle and text styles to provide easy access to office standard annotation at any scale.

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