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Program Title: IM - Import Text V1.0
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 14k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 972
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Import Text v1.0 (IM) is an Autolisp program for import text form text file (ascii file) to drawing.

Special of this program is the user can select type of text:

  1. Normal Text is line text
  2. Text and Creat Table is text that the user save text file from excel or any editor program have delimited with space or comma for import to drawing and creat table . The user can set distance between row by input in editbox and each column in editbox or load config by pick button that contain distance each column for example :- 2 3 5 it mean first column width 2 unit , second column width 3 unit and third column width 5 unit and next column width 5 unit

The user can set text layer ,text justify and text style form dialog interface.

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