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Program Title: AutoMatch!
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Miscellaneous
Size: 61.2KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 574
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Amazing AutoMatch!

Draw complex entities with just a few mouse clicks. Let AutoMatch do the settings, you just pick a source and draw. AutoMatch allows properties\' universal match obtainment from any value in the drawing. Keep your layers
clean by automated layer matching.

Mouse input enhancement for Autocad 2000 and up. The two features of this great tiny tool will put a new gear into your Autocad interface: instead of typing and entering, or opening several dialogs for layer and other properties setting, just pick all the values from a matching source. AutoMatch! converts a lot of tedious typing into a few comfortable clicks.

Keep tight to your mouse and save hundreds of eye and arm motions a day. Don\'t do your gym on Autocad keyboard.
With AutoMatch! you\'ll sure have time for a break.

AutoMatch! offers two powerful tools:

Clone tool. Don\'t even bother to issue a command, just select an applicable source entity, click that Pick&Draw button, and another entity of that type with all matching properties will instantly be drawn. You make the design and AutoMatch takes care of the settings. To use some current or other property settings instead of all the picked ones, use the Pick-Set-Draw feature button.

Lets you check and select property matching details in a tiny but powerful dialog interface before the command launches. Create new objects matching any single, a combination of, or all properties inherited from one or
more source objects.

Available in this first version are - in addition to the standard properties layer, color, linetype and lineweight - also properties linetype scale, thickness, elevation and extrusion direction. All are automatically set or selected by either single property match or complete clone matching, or a combination of these.

AutoMatch - the Simple Must

Author: CADAPTER Software
Shareware: 10 Days free full featured.
License: US $14,50 (18,00 Euro)

User ReviewsReview This File
I found here one very interesting drafting tool, that really saves time, but i'd like it more if there were less clicks and more keystrokes. --Anonymous User


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