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Program Title: Autodraw v1.0
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> AutoCAD Version 2000/i
Size: 1.65KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1259
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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This software makes drawing with Autocad an enjoyable task! It extends capabilities of Autocad resulting in significant time savings during the drawing process for designers and engineers of any discipline. Techniques to save keystrokes for Autocad's most used editing commands are implemented.
The code supplied includes two-key commands (no enter required) that let any key on the keyboard be the the second key that executes a command. Also, you will be able to assign commands from within Autocad to function keys or number pad keys. Tutorials accompanied by illustrations will help you get a fast start.
Variables for dimscale 'ds', distance 'd', degrees 'a', precision 'pc', linetype factor 'ltf', color 'col', block name 'bname', and scale factor 'sf' are used to expedite commands. The user is introduced to a simple and effective process of drawing quickly and easily with layers named 0 through 9.
Finding dimensions of like dimstyles and finding text of the same height is made possible with ease and dramatic results on Autocad's screen. You can pick text parameters from existing text, and get scale factors from two circles, two lines, two text entities, or two inserts. You can copy and paste text or attribute values to text or attributes in an insert without a dialog box. You may also edit text and attributes without a dialog box (for small edits).
The code includes commands for exporting text, two clipboards, and simple math. Pasteblock is a command that pastes the clipboard contents as a block with a name provided by Autocad. We define the same command to insert the block and store the block's name in a variable 'bname'. This variable is used in other commands like the command reb to rename a block. Autocad's block name can be renamed easily to a friendlier one because you do not have to type its name. The name appears as the default when you rename it with the command reb.

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