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Program Title: AutoXlsTable_2002_V21A
File Name: CAO_AutoXlsTable_for2002_v21A.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> AutoCAD Version 2002
Size: 1.46MB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 857
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD to assist you easily and rapidly to create and modify any table. Because of complete and seamless integration with Excel, you can easily perform functions in your drawings, including Math, Trigonometry, and user-defined functions such as block counting with user-defined criteria. Far exceeds the capability of similar tools from our competitors, such as Atable, XL2CAD, Autocell, Table Tools Spanner, Cell Block, TabiCAD,etc. Key features: ---------------------------------------- 1. Compact and friendly user interface. 2. Seamlessly integrates Excel's functionality into your AutoCAD drawings by using the latest in software engineering technology, allowing you to create and modify tables in your drawings without middle-tier translation. Replaces OLE technology with COM technology. 3. Provides real-time updates to tables on your drawings based on user-defined criteria on the Excel backend, including instantaneous counts of single blocks or group blocks. Provides layer filtering and the tools available in the Excel equation editor. 4. Provides a very powerful seamless implementation of the counting function for Bill of Material. 5. Visually emulates Excel table properties in your AutoCAD drawing, including fonts, borders, text alignment, hidden rows/columns, merged rows/columns, etc. 6. Allows you to easily switch between double line and single line border. 7. Allows you to override font style for using SHX fonts instead of Windows TTF fonts. 8. Allows you to override Excel colors with "ByLayer" for each geometry category. 9. Allows you to see the user-defined function with the help index. 10. Allows you to define insertion point and the scale of any table. ---------------------------------------- If you want to know more product information, please visit
we fixed a setup bug ,
please remove AutoXlsTable2002 first and then download new version from this site or our web site:

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