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Program Title: SEGmental Bend (SEGB) V1.03
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Category: OtherCAD -> OtherCAD
Size: 4.55MB
Date: 06-Feb-2006
Downloads: 5575
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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SEGmental Bend (SEGB) Version 1.03 (Metric and Imperial Units)


V1.02 does not produce a true oblique segmental bend. A true oblique bend has circular input and output area. The cross section of the tube is elliptical. V1.03 corrects this flaw and calculates the elliptical perimeter, area and volume.

SEGB is not just an alternative method to the manual drawing of patterns but an engineering tool to help design segmental bends. You can control key geometrical parameters and can perform advanced calculations like finding the internal volume of a bend. SEGB is not only designed for the typical 6 segment bend but for a 1 segment branch piece, 2 segment elbows, 3 piece return elbows or even a 25 segment ornamental toroid. Crucially, the software allows you to evaluate an oblique vs. a right segmental bend.
The segmental bend is often used for HVAC duct work. Often you will be able to buy off the shelf bends but it is important to be able to design a make a bend of unusual dimensions.

SEGB is free for non commercial use which contains nags but never times out. The full version for commercial users (no nags) exports DXF, VRML and HTML and can be purchased online from WWW.SHAREIT.COM (ID:300059551) for 25 GBP (approx. 45USD, 35EUR).

The full version is free for educational establishments and students - please contact me for more info :

SEGB is the sister product of Square-TO-Round (STOR) and other ty harness sheet metal software products. Discount coupons available for existing full version users of other Ty Harness Sheet Metal Software and more information can be found at:

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Please help _ i need to open this SEGB program. Or need to buy if. Please help With thanks David de Jager --David de Jager

dhfksdfhgkh --abc


very good --mel

gfgfgfdgdgfdg --ardian

Hello All, Apologies V1.02 does not create a true oblique Segmental Bend. V1.03 has corrected this flaw and should be available at FreeCADApps soon. Please check the home page above for news on the latest versions. Ty Harness --Ty Harness


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