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Program Title: Univerter 3.1
File Name:
Category: Engineering/Analysis -> Analysis
Size: 955k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 2849
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Univerter is a calculation tool for engineers, scientists, students, and others who hate dealing with units-related issues. With Univerter, simply enter equations in whatever units mix you wish, and get the answer in whatever units you need.

Univerter goes far beyond the simplistic one-to-one units conversion programs that require wading through hundreds of conversion factors -- with Univerter, you simply type equations as you would write them. Univerter actually parses equations into separate words that it then correlates with units and constants that it already recognizes. Even if you need a unit that's not included in Univerter's substantial database, you'll never be limited since you can add your own units. For example; create your own unit called an "Arm" by defining [1 Arm = 2.2 ft]. Univerter will AUTOMATICALLY understand that [Arm^2] is area, that [Arm/min] is speed, and that [1.2 Arm/min = .03 mph]. Univerter's ability to understand equations is what raises it above other units conversion programs, which require each possible units-combination be pre-defined. So while other programs may brag of being capable of hundreds or thousands of conversions using huge conversion factor databases, Univerter's capabilities are virtually unlimited with a much smaller customizable database.

The ability to properly keep track of significant digits during calculations makes Univerter handy for chemists and others who must pay attention to measurement accuracy in their calculations. To discover just how useful it can be, and how unique its capabilities are, check out the examples in Univerter's help file.

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