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Program Title: Titlezone
File Name: tzone22.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> Management/Database
Size: 1792k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1773
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Titlezone is an easy to use application for title block and project data management, and includes almost 100 different combinations of borders and fully attributed title blocks. Titlezone can be installed and running inside AutoCAD in literally one minute, with easy, single-step setup and without the modification of any AutoCAD support files.

Titlezone provides a single, easy-to-use dialog box for inserting and filling out title blocks, and enables switching between sheet sizes and title block designs on-the-fly while preserving title block attribute values.

Automatically Extract Attributes:

Titlezone also provides a powerful project data manager which automatically logs title block attribute values or extracts attribute values from the title blocks of existing drawings. Entire directories of drawings may be harvested automatically.

Users may create up-to-date Project Cover Sheets on AutoCAD drawings using any subset of title block attributes along with drawing file names.

Drawings can be browsed through and opened by the information contained in the title block attributes. The Titlezone project drawing browser allows a user to view the title block values for every title block of every AutoCAD 2000 layout inside every drawing file assigned to a project. Any combination of project title block values may also be exported to a spreadsheet or database application.

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