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Program Title: The Caddalog Maker 2000!
File Name: The_Caddalog_Maker_2000_V6_04_21.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> Block and Xref Tools
Size: 2351k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 3174
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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The CADDalog Maker 2000!

Do you have hundreds or thousands of drawings, blocks, and symbols scattered in multiple directories on your hard drive?

Do you wish there was a FAST and EASY way to put ALL these drawings, blocks, and symbols on 8x11 sheets of paper for 3 hole punching and easy reference in a notebook?

Do you wish you could just as EASILY create a pulldown ICON image menu for visual insertion of your blocks?

Have you spent countless hours trying to organize your drawings, blocks, and symbols, but to no avail, because the task is just TOO LARGE?

Wouldnft it be great if you could start AutoCAD, run a very simple program, and get 8x11 pages and ICON screen menus of ALL the drawings, blocks, symbols, on your computer and network?


Network ready! Install the program over a network and share the ICON image menu with all other AutoCAD stations on the network! (subject to the conditions in the license agreement)

The program will run unattended while "reading" an entire directory of blocks!

Easy to use dialog boxes guide you through the options to get your drawings cataloged FAST!

A very inexpensive and cost effective addition to your existing AutoCAD tools.

The program installs with over 200 blocks in 3 directories so you can run it, try it out, be sure it works on your system! Use these blocks if you wish in your own drawings!


Creates a scale bar so you can see size of symbol in AutoCAD units, along with the drawing name, file path, size (in bytes), date, and time. ICON image menus show a slide and filename, etc.

Choose how large each symbol will be on the page by selecting the number of symbols per page. Choose from 4 drawing sizing options including: 1 (6"), 9 (2"), 30 (1"), and 154 (1/2") symbols per page!

The program will run unattended while "reading" an entire directory of drawings, creating all the individual 8x11 pages needed to create an organized catalog of your files! You plot the 8x11 drawings as you would normally plot any AutoCAD drawing!


The CADDalog Maker! creates its own MNS file, so there is no worry about corrupting any existing menu file you have!

Drawings (blocks) with ATTRIBUTES will display the attribute "tags" so you can see at a glance all the attributes associated with the block.

Blocks management tools allowing you to move DWG's from directory to directory and also moving the associated image giving you full control of organizing your blocks into categories!

Easy insertion of your blocks. No paths to remember or set in your AutoCAD(tm)

Updating NEW DWG's or MODIFIED DWG's in an existing IMAGE menu is quick and easy!

Use the SIZE < and SIZE > to ZOOM up on your images, especially useful when viewing blocks with text and attributes!



A very useful Layering Utility. Use this menu to ISOLATE layers, move objects from LAYER to LAYER, freeze/thaw, on/off, lock/unlock, and other useful features all by PICKING!

"Cut and Paste" this menu from the Caddalog2000.mns into your POP0 portion of the Autocad menu for instant "right click" access to all of these functions.


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