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Program Title: LSPBOX TOOLS 1.0
File Name: LSPBOX_TOOLS_1.0.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> Management/Database
Size: 3545k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1815
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Are you looking for a new AutoCAD add-on with an accessible price and easy to use?

Do you draw a lot a floor plan schemes and want to have right away a quick floor plan with overall dimensions, grid labeling, at scale and ready to plot?

Want to work in true isometric or convert object automatically?

Want to design parametrically cabinet elevations?

Install door and windows in plan or elevations with a single click of the mouse?

Want to have a quick overall line and arc dimensioning globally?

Have a quick block-out section or elevation?

Draw a metal section stair in a single step and get revise by a built-in UBC plan checker?

And more?

ARQCOM SOFTWARE announces his new AutoCAD add-on LSPBOX TOOLS 1.0.

What is LspBOX?

LspBOX is a set of routines to facilitate the use of AutoCAD by creating additional functions base on programming to automate and make easier the execution of some specific tasks inside of AutoCAD 2000x.

The main concept of this AutoCAD add-on is the simplicity in their use. The menu dialogs letters and functions have been maintained to the minimum to facilitate the learning curve and management. Once the majority of other programs become more complicated in most of the cases not necessary, LspBOX tries to maintain as simple to use but simplicity does not means less power.

For a program with these characteristics, the simplicity is his main quality; by eliminating the tedious manipulation tasks of a program and by let the user have more time for being creative and to increase his productivity.

LspBOX functions increase the power of AutoCAD and become part of the actual industry standard for computer aided design software leader.



Add or glue dimensions vertical or horizontal, line and arc dimensioning from one by one or globally (the command can find dimensions by looking at intersections line-line, arc-line and arc-arc)


Quick door installation (plan view) with a single mouse step, select from a predefined standard list widths use from 90 to 180 or pair of doors insertions, wall openings, door modifications, user configuration or personalization of each door element, and parametrical door elevations


Quick window installation (plan view) with a single mouse step, select from predefined standard list widths, wall openings, user configuration or personalization of each window element, parametrical square and arced windows elevations.


Add text number objects and insert the total as text object, matches text objects and starts the command DTEXT, paste as text or mtext, copy, import or remove text objects controlled via dialog box, text spacing for main title labels, do the space without doing any typing.


Dimension and text control select from a predefined scale list or custom, viewport paper scale with architectural, engineering and decimal predefined scales, global scale for blocks, set scale control for working scale factor.


Change to layer, copy to layer, layer freeze, layer on, layer set, on all and thaw all.

Paper and model space

Change objects to different space, copy to model or paper space, move to model or paper space.


Quick floor plan select from a predefined scale factor or custom, predefined and custom wall thickness, placement of grids, bubbles grids with automatic labeling, overall and secondary dimension all around. Reflected ceiling plan by using an automatic grid PAT generator, defining starting position. Tracing points and point table insertions, get point references and coordinates and change any time a reference point pass all to a letter size point table.


Matches polyline width and starts the command PLINE, offset closed polylines to inside, matches polyline properties from a source object to target objects, changes polyline to a constant width, join multiple objects lines and polylines, draw polyline arrows at scale and bounding box polyline around a selection set of objects.


Lines and arcs one by one or globally (the command can find segments by looking at intersections line-line, arc-line and arc-arc).


Line copier parallel, double offset, layout objects or continues copy.

Line type

Change to line type and line type set.


Convert a square corner wall to arc corner, convert a square corner wall to 3/4" circle corner, Mid-arc wall insertions, remove door and windows and close the wall, glues broken collinear line together by pair or globally and extends wall corner lines from their intersection, and convert lines to walls.


Isometric 2d and 3d projection, isometric draw, fittings, text, dimensions, paste and predefined parametric isometric shapes.

External reference

Open external block references with MDI on, reload external block references, open a source drawing when MDI is off and save and change external references path.

Section and elevations

Project and obtain a "block-out" section or elevation via object selection method, parametric ceiling shapes for block-out elevations and block module.


Backer and rod, cant, directional, filler expansion, floor drain, gypsum board, plywood, caulking, tgi truss, key note, key demo, key window, room and number name, key title, detail bubble, building section mark, detail callout boxed, circle and polygonal, tag wall type, interior elevation tag, grade elevation, datum elevation mark and updating datum elevations.


Add or remove objects from a group.


Library manager, change color of block with nested objects and block reinsertion includes a list of nested blocks if any to select from a dialog list.


Base and wall cabinet's elevations, plan and section metal stair with UBC plan checker control, quick parking layout (double or single) and W metal shapes insertions.


Load and unload menu interface.

LspBOX uses a partial menu and toolbars to facilitates the command access, it comes with a windows help file and a software lock to protect your investment. Try it now.

Registration: Demo - ($120.00US to register)

Platform: AutoCAD 2000x

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