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File Name:
Category: 3D Studio -> 3D Studio Utilities
Size: 108K
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 395
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Model_Turns.max is setup for quick and easy 360 rotations of Models and Characters. This File needs the Shadow/Matte Plug-in by Peter W. There are 120 frames with three Camera's Low, Medium, and High Res. The Object "Ground_Plane (Shadow_Matte)" has Peter's material applied to it so you can store the shadow in the alpha channel if needed. Hide this object if you don't want to store the shadow. All the Camera's and the Spot light Targets are linked to the Dummy01_This_is_0,0,0 which has the X,Y locked and will only move in the Z direction. I have found this file good for modeling and rotations for characters. Just open this file merge your object into the scene. Set your object to 0,0,0 and make a few adjustments and render. Once you have the settings set for your models it is a matter as 123. The Units are set to Feet w/Decimal Inches currently

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