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AutoCAD - Architectural

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Category: AutoCAD Architectural -> Architectural Utilities
Size: 316k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1928
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Cross2000.c4x for R14 -
The CROSS2000.c4x for R14/A2K is designed to help the architects to clean and trim the double wall line intersections. When I first used AutoCAD R12.0 for Architectural drawing , I drew two parallel lines stands for a wall segment with certain width. There was not bearly any aided software, so it become very difficult to clean and trim the crossed wall lines intersections.

The function of CROSS was firstly designed by one of my friend named Guobiao Liang who gave me many supports and help during my early period in programming AutoLISP routines. And at that time, his program can only process any two to four lines. I developed his program for entity type and layer filter because crossing the lines on layer wall was almost all the crossing works for me. I developed the layer filter according to the different wall material on different layer.

I maintain my updating of this routine from AutoCAD R12.0 to AutoCAD R14.0 and at the 14.0 version I giveup the slide file help mode and decided to display the help image in a dialog. This is a great job for me to define and calculate the locations of the vectors' coordinations. I am very happy after the programming of help dialog and I think it a good help interface for all users of Cross2000.

This routine was firstly programmed in AutoCAD R12.0 of DOS version. This time, the platform was upgraded to the latest AutoCAD version of AutoCAD2000. And the AutoLISP source codes was transferred to the ARX(for AutoCAD R14.0 only) and VLX(for AutoCAD2000 only) for a faster running speed and program protection.

The routine can process the crossed two to four lines with intersection point intelligently. The program will determine how to deal with the lines: break or trim or join. I think it a good routine to save your time if there are so many same works during your working time.

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