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AutoCAD Architectural - Other

Program Title: RimDim 1.2
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Text/Dimension Util.
Size: 511.32KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1337
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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The ultimate dimensioning tool for architects and engineers as add-in for AutoCad 200x.
Pro - The Big Hammer and Classic - The Compact Basic Tool
English Language Release
Features a novelty in the AutoCad world : Dimension Chains. Dimensions are no more just lined up separate items, but dimension chains to handle as one single object. Another new feature are the ordinate dimensions in architect style with fully editable reference level spots and their reference height levels ­ all of them as chains, too. Some of the further fine properties:
Settings, formatting and rounding:
· User friendly settings in clear and readable dialog.
· All unit settings refer to the plotted result. So you set 2,5 mm text height and that\'s what it plots.
· Drawing unit, dimensioning unit and rounding unit settings independently.
· Plot scale or unit changes reflect immediately in the text, arrowhead sizes.
· Dimensions land automatically on the layers you select. Different layers for ordinates and linear dimensions possible.
· Superscripted decimals according German norms: height of superscript adjustable, on or off.
· Set colour and line weights individually, for dimension text, too! only in RimDim!
· Static display of current reference scale, dimension style and drawing unit in the status line.
Linear dimensions:
· Move and adjust dimension chains or unique parts without moving the definition points.
· Polygonal dimension chains at fixed distance of zacked, polygonal walls and real estate border lines, only in RimDim!
· Add, move or delete dimension points as you wish, inside or outside the dimension chains. Move points only in Pro.
· Handy: one-click summary length dimension of a dimension chain, only in RimDim.
· During editing the dimensions, you see the definition points clearly marked.
· Instant automatic updating of dimensions after changing any settings.
· Input of points during creating and editing in arbitrary order, inside or outside the dimension chains.
· Dimensions are drawn dynamically as you edit points, you see the result instantly.
Arc and angular dimensions ­ only in Pro Volume:
· Dimensioning of arc length, through interactive input of endpoints, vertices or angle.
· Inclination and slope marking with one click in degrees, percents and relation as text block, only in RimDim!
Ordinate dimensions ­ only in Pro:
· Supports ordinate arrowheads according to European manner and German DIN standard notation.
· Add, move or delete dimension points as you wish, inside or outside the dimension chains.
· Align ordinate symbols lined up vertical through given point or each one on-spot, only in RimDim!
· Reference point editing instantly updates the entire ordinate chain.
Dimension texts:
· Integrated European style clearance heights under the dimension line are part of the dimension chain object.
· Property match method for copying clearance heights from existing dimensions reduces tipping and faults, only in RimDim!
· Move, rotate, reset and update text commands, rotate not in Classic.
· Move dimension text with inserted leader with one click improves readability of small distance dimensions ­ Pro.
Handling the chains:
· Add or release chain bindings partly or explode entire chains.
· Aligning linear and ordinate chains or parts thereof through given point makes layout editing fun. Definition points stay where they are.
· Explode all chains into separate dimensions if necessary ­ Pro.
· Inclined extension lines make it possible to move dimension chains sideways ­Pro only
Swap to RimDim and convert formats:
· Conversion from any AutoCad standard format in RimDim - Pro.
· Conversion from RimDim in AutoCad standard format - Pro.
· RimDim dimension texts display correctly in any font and even if RimDim is not installed.
· No conversions needed before DXFout.

· Combined flyout toolbar with all toolbars.
· Super button hides all toolbars under one single button, only in RimDim!
Client support:
· All updates to all program volumes free.

Localization, Program Volumes and languages:
RimDim is currently in English and German language interfaces available, and runs independent of the localisation status of your AutoCad. This means that no matter in which language your AutoCad runs, RimDim will run ok in either of these two language versions in it. The downloads come in the language setups, containing both available Program Volumes. The user decides at setup time, which of the two choices he will install, the Pro or the Classic Volume.

RimDim - Fun in Dimensions
Registration: fully functioning 30 day trial (Pro $127.00US, Classic $85US to register)
Platform: AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002
Author site:

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