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Program Title: AutoXlsTable 2.31 for AutoCAD2000
File Name: AutoXlsTable2.31forAutoCAD2000.exe
Category: AutoCAD General -> AutoCAD Version 2000/i
Size: 1.61MB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1037
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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New release!AutoXlsTable 2.31

Fully integrates Excel into AutoCAD.
Create and modify tables in AutoCAD with Excel,including perform math functions, such as block counting.

2.31 fixed layer override bug.

Demo -

More,please visit:

Main features:

1.Create the native geometry of AutoCAD and do not suffer the limitations of OLE.
2.Use Excel as the editor of the table and build the most accurate representation of the Excel spreadsheet.
3.Build expediently the arbitrary table with the open programming architecture and the Stat. function of Excel.
4.Control insertion point and scale.
5.Edit table after insertion with Excel.
6.Support for hidden rows and columns.
7.Support for merged columns and rows of Excel.
8.Support for importing Excel font properties, borders.
9.Support for Excel cell shading.
10.Support for vertical text.
11.Automatically update all linked information in another Excel file when re-editing table.
12.Override Excel colors with "ByLayer" for each geometry category.
13.Improve transfer speed by ignoring fills, borders, etc.
14.Bind the results in a single block or group.
15.Optimize the table geometry.
16.Get constant visual feedback on the status of the information transfer.
17.Optionally separate table geometry into Text and Borderline layers.
18.Switching borders display.
19.Be able to create the unique double-line table of the Excel spreadsheet.
20.Changing layer, color and lineweight for vertical and horizontal borders.
21.Override font style for using SHX fonts instead of Windows TTF fonts.
22.Change layer, color and lineweight for text.
23.Horizontal and vertical aligning of text.
24.Has the AutoCAD expression editor in Excel.
25.Provide the powerful Stat. function for BOM.
26.Be able to count rapidly the number of the user-defined block in AutoCAD with the expression editor in Excel. (We will append more functions for users in the future.)
27.Provide the powerful block statistics function based on different layers.
28.Dynamically display the user-defined function with the cell comment.
29.Delete the user-defined function.
30.Dynamically display the Stat. result with appending and erasing the block.
31.Refresh Excel tables after changed statistical result.

User ReviewsReview This File
I just discovered AutoXLStable program and I am very impressed. --Mike


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