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AutoCAD - Civil/Survey
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Program Title: AlignSta - R3
File Name: AlignSta-R3.dvb
Category: AutoCAD Civil/GIS/Electrical -> Civil/Survey
Size: 225.5KB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 908
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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- 03/04/02 Updated to plot slope and direction arrows.
- 02/11/08 Updated to work with LDD R3
- 01/11/11 The program allows the user to append or precede the elevation with a label
- 01/11/11 The program allows the user to add an adjustment factor to the elevation
- The program will now allow the user to select any FG in the alignment collection

This program will label an alignment (LDDT Civil) by extracting the elevation and station from the FG. The program insert point objects and/or labels at the PI, BC, EC and VPIís. This program has not been tested on alignments with spirals.
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How to used this lisp? Please teach me by complete manual --ady

help me --ady


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