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AutoCAD - Civil/Survey
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Program Title: Autodesk LDT Smart Pack
File Name: PD5DSetup.exe
Category: AutoCAD Civil/GIS/Electrical -> Civil/Survey
Size: 2.16MB
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1370
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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A powerful suite of applications extending LDT's capabalities

Contour Utilities

Choose to generate up to 3 different contour layers

Automatic generation of contour labels for designated layers

User defined annotation spacing

Hidden boundaries by layer
The routine will automatically add boundary definitions to a surface based on polylines on a user selected layer.

Visibility / View Shed
This application is a must for the preparation of environmental impact statements. Useful for planning board meetings to present visual impact of proposed projects, as well an invaluable tool for evaluating sight distances at intersections and other critical points along a design.

User defined viewing point

2D and 3D generation of view shed

User definable sector

Automatic generation of Boolean visibility surface

Multiple Surfaces
Long Sections (Profiles)
Cross Sections
User defined sampling intervals
Automatic scaling based on LDD drawing scales
Generation of volumes by cross sections between 2 surfaces including detailed report

Plot Grid Volumes

Elevation Difference

Existing elevation

Proposed elevation

Grid annotated with grid lines and labels

Cut / Fill per grid cell

ASCII report of volume calculations

All annotation placed on appropriate layers for color coding and user customization

3D Landform Modeling tools
(includes: Poly UCS, Section to 3Dpoly, Section to Pointfile and Section to Breakline)
Suite of tools designed specifically with the land designer in mind, particular landscape architecture tasks. Allows for intuitive design of 3d polylines based on simple sections or profiles. The 3dpolylines generated may then be used as the basis for further generation of 3d land geometry and ultimately the definition of a design surface.

Allows generation of 3dsections in any orientation

Conversion of sections to real world space 3d polylines

Retaining wall design

Application to design retaining wall long sections, including foundation depths, and volume reports.
Define plan location with standard LDD alignments
Automatic sampling of 2 surfaces (upper and lower development)
User defined sampling interval

Automatic calculation of foundation depth based on user defined criteria

Automatic calculation of volumes based on user defined criteria

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