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AutoCAD - Isometric/Rendering

File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Isometric/Rendering
Size: 51k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 2896
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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FREEWARE Release - Ani-MATE is a dialogue driven package designed to generate and display animation sequences from
within AutoCAD r12,13 & 14 on the DOS, WIN3.*, Win95 & NT4 platforms. Animations can be used
for checking 3D drawings in the hidden mode, corporate presentations in shaded mode, or
photo-realistic presentations rendered by AutoCAD to broadcast quality. Users of AutoCAD releases 12
& 13 will be restricted to Hidden line,shaded and basic renderings, however release 14 users will benefit
from its advanced photo-realistic rendering facilities. Hidden line and shaded animations are contained
within AutoCAD slide libraries, whereas rendered raster images are generated individually, suitable for
compilation into AVI or MOV files by other proprietary multi-media authoring packages.

User ReviewsReview This File
Doesn't work in 2005 --EC

Excellent prog!....very easy and simple to muss no does the job quite effectively... This program is better than some other programs I have purchased! --DD



It's pretty cool. --Andrew


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