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AutoCAD - Lisp Files and Tools

Program Title: AcadExplorer v.4
File Name: AcadExplorer.EXE
Category: AutoCAD General -> Lisp Files and Tools
Size: 2.14MB
Date: 03-Oct-2005
Downloads: 577
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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AcadExplorer: Fast Navigation and effective File Management in AutoCAD + Valuable Batch commands.
The program extends the capabilities of users of AutoCAD in exploring and using of drawings. AcadExplorer is invaluable tool for the owners of AutoCAD 2000i and AutoCAD 2005 licenses having inappropriate default views setting in Open-Save dialog windows (icons and details respectively). It is also more effective than other applications based on the list of recently used files. AcadExplorer is using innovative approach: Folder with corresponding files is the core of the program.
New in Release 4: multi XRef and insert Auto Fill BOM, included subfolders in batch and other procedures.

Main Features:
INSTANT access to HUNDREDS of drawings.
EXPLORE and use the contents of TEN folders simultaneously
GET the printable list of files in selected folder (all or specified file type)
OPEN ANY files
REMOVE unwanted files (selected by file type)
CREATE new folder
SHOW folders contents organized by file type: All files, AutoCAD drawings (DWG and DXF), bakup files BAK, text files TXT, Microstation drawings DGN, MS Access MDB and MDE files
INSERT file as a block in AutoCAD
BATCH commands with all or the group of drawings in folder: Bind Xreferences, Purge; SaveAs in DWG or DXF format as well as in native or older format
BATCH PLOT (options: All Layouts, Current Layout, Number of copies, direct and reverse order of Drawings and Layouts selected for printing)
Start MS Office applications, Notepad and Windows Explorer

Download DEMO for ACAD2000-2002 at:
More information about the program at:
Video presentation:

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