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AutoCAD - 3D Tools

File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> 3D Tools
Size: 3k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1022
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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The command "pntcnct" is intended to generate a 3dpolyline connecting a
series of points having a common description. After issuing the command,
you are prompted to select points. It really does not matter if you select
more points than you need, because the selection set will then be filtered
by a description which you enter. The description can include standard
wild card characters, like ?, #, and

User ReviewsReview This File
I had a client that needed to draw an alignment along survey points at the exact elevation to establish the actual condition of a lite-rail bridge before they laid the track. This lisp allowed them to draw a 3Dpoly from point to point by point number and description key and save a lot of time of manual drafting. You do however have to use Softdesk point block lables in Land Desktop 3 becasue it does not read the new AEC points, but that is an easy change to make. --Phil Smith


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