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AutoCAD - Misc.

File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> Miscellaneous
Size: 94k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1126
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Toolkit 1.1 Featuring:

* Online help-THELP

* Sheet management routines for creating and restoring layer settings
including freeze/thaw status, on/off status, color, and linetype in
a fully editable file format for portability-'SHTC', 'SHTR'.

* Freeze layer and isolate layer, with corresponding thaw layer and
restore layer (try to find the restore layer and thaw layer in
your bonus tools)-'FL', 'TL', 'IL', 'RL'.

* Freeze/thaw entities (not layers)-'FR', 'TH'.

* A feature packed note/tag routine (no more crazy dimension leaders)

* Revision cloud routine for AEC use with cloud and revision triangle

* Break line or pline at intersection-'BRK'.

* Switch to isometric mode-'ISO'.

* Draw isocircles-'IC'.

* Centerline function-'CNTR'.

* Change layer, change to layer, and change to current layer by picking
entities-'CL', 'CTL', 'CCL'.

* Zoom in/ out/ extents/ limits/ dynamic/ all with two letter commands
-'ZI', 'ZO', 'ZE', 'ZL', 'ZD', 'ZA'.

* Scale blocks by insertion point-'BLKSC'.

* Multiple hatch edit-'MHEDIT'.

* 3D views-plan, front, left, right, back, axo1, axo2, axo3,and axo4.
Automatically switches UCS to ortho views. Multiple viewports?
Why waste screen real estate when you can't draw from one into the
other?-'TOP','BOT', 'FRONT', 'LEFT', 'RIGHT', 'BACK', 'AXO1', 'AXO2',

* Polyface editor to change visibility of polyface edges by picking

* Simplified pface creation (by picking points, no need to remember

* Flatten entities by selection set (make z coordinate 0)-'FLAT'.

* Make lines with thickness into polyface entities by selection set

* 3D need not be difficult, make it easier with these tools...

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