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AutoCAD R14

File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> AutoCAD Version R14
Size: 283k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 590
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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Blkem20D ver 2.0 for R14 -
BlockEM is a program which runs within Autocad (tm) to reproduce your DWG files onto 8 1/2" x 11" sheets with 1, 4, 8, 12, 20 or 80 blocks per sheet. This will enable you to quickly scan your collection and see which one(s) you are after. Each sheet will contain the path to the *.DWG files, the current date, a title that you compose, the sheet number and the total number of sheets.

***** NEW *****

BlockEM Version 2.0 now includes a print utility to print out 1, 2, 3... or as many pages as you wish. Also supports unlimited block processing limited only by the amount of ram, etc in your computer.
Each block that has been inserted is scaled to fit into its proper position with the block creation date, its name and a scale showing the relative size of the block in units. This can be Imperial or Metric units. The scale is not used if you've chosen to put 80 blocks onto a sheet since there wouldn't be enough room for it, nor is the creation date. Just the block and its name.
Long paths with spaces are supported as well as long filenames (without spaces) up to 32 characters in length, although with any block names over about 22 characters they will start to run into each other with 80 blocks per page selected. This follows the Autocad format of 32 characters for block names.

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