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AutoCAD 2002

Program Title: DesignPro2000v2
File Name:
Category: AutoCAD General -> AutoCAD Version 2002
Size: 2967k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 1124
Type: Shareware/Freeware
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3/1/03 Fixed bug concerning DIMASO DimVar being changed to DIMASSOC in R2002. This updated version works in R2000, R2000i and R2002. Sorry for any problems this might have caused you. If you have downloaded this software please send an Email and I can send you the Updated file(much smaller than full Zip)
New features Added
  • Balloons and Bom table now linked together, if you edit one the other is updated to match. * Add stock feature allows to add nominal stk to picked dimesions for sawing or ordering rough sizes.
  • New feature creates paperspace viewports of titleblocks if option is truned on.

    DesignPro is a powerfull tool design package that saves you a lot of time when creating tool designs. I use this software everyday at work designing Jigs, Fixtures, Dies, Gages etc. I have invested thousands of hours of time in developing this software and would like to see other people get as much use out of it as I do. The package includes the following features.
  • Fully Automated Bill of Materials


    • Customizable presets to prevent all of that typing in Materials, Rockwell's, Descriptions, etc.
    • Curved leader balloons
    • Extract your bill of material any many ways

      • extract to a csv file which can be opened in Excel or can be transferred to many other software packages
      • extract to vendor fax sheets to get price quotes, you can select multiple types and multiple vendors(purchasing will love this, and it is little or no work on your part)
      • extract your Bill of materials in separate tables will filter between Purchased items and make items.

    • Has Xdate feature that allows you to store the bill of material information in the actual entities so when you place a balloon on it the information is automatically pulled for you. (a good use for this is Blocks, say you create a block of a limit switch you use, attach xdata to it then the next time you insert it into a drawing the bill of material information is already there)
    • Re-Sequence balloons function
    • Obtain sizes of parts by picking points on screen.

  • FastenerPro

    • Draws: SHCS, Dowels, Tapped Holes, Cbored Holes and more
    • To draw a side view of a Cbored SHCS assembly (cbore,cdrill, tapped hole and screw) You pick 3 points the program then calculates a list of lengths for you to choose from.
    • To draw a side view of a Flush SHCS assembly (cdrill, tapped hole and screw) You pick 3 points the program then calculates a the 2 best lengths to choose from.
    • Stores xdata in the objects for automatic hole charting, automatic hole notes and automatic Fastener Bill of materials.
    • Child function will allow you to select side view objects and draws plan views with the xdata attached.

  • Automatic Ordinate Dimensioning

    • Has many powerful features, makes dimensioning plates a snap.

  • Automatic Titleblocks

    • You type you job information in once, then all of your titleblocks are filled in for you when you use this feature, has a size calculator that dynamically go up and down in sheet size A,B,C etc. when you press U or D.

  • Fully automated plotting.

    • Select 1, 2, 3 or 100 of you designpro borders and titlblocks and then a dialog box will pop up for output options, (i.e. plotter or scale to fit on laser printer) click ok and all of the sheets you selected will be plotted. Big time saver!

  • Bend Allowance dimensioning that draws a simple flat blank for you.
  • Very detailed help files for every command.
  • Powerful layer system and tools and much much more.

    To install software extract the zip file to your computer in a directory you choose. If you choose the default C:, C:\DesignPro will be created. Once you have extracted the files make sure you have autocad closed, start AutoCad by opening the file Install.dwg located in the \DesignPro\Install folder. DesignPro will automatically be installed from this point. If you have problems please let me know. Thank You for your interest in my program.

    ***Please that some elements of my program might not fit your needs exactly, I would be willing and happy to consider making any changes that you request.***

  • User ReviewsReview This File
    Needs a much better help file. There are a lot of nice small items here but it took way too long for a person working as a professional in the design field to figure out, especially when you donít have much extra time. --Brad B.

    Worked very well for me --Harold Meyer


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