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Program Title: gozfree393.exe
File Name: gozfree393.exe
Category: Utilities -> Viewers
Size: 2298k
Date: 04-Apr-2005
Downloads: 302
Type: Shareware/Freeware
User Rating:
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Go!Zilla is the ultimate tool for downloading files from the Internet.

Recover from download errors and resume failed downloads, manage and categorize files to download later and get those files from the most responsive site with Go!Zilla.

Gather links to files that you want to download by simply dragging them from your favorite internet browser or Go!Zilla can integrate with your browser for easy click and download support. Simply click on a file and let Go!Zilla do the rest.

Go!Zilla will automatically locate the fastest download sites, ensuring that you’ll get your files as quickly as possible. Having modem trouble? Go!Zilla will automatically resume broken downloads and pick up where you got disconnected. Using a fast broadband connection? Go!Zilla can manage multiple downloads all from the same window, and allows you to throttle your bandwidth usage to provide seamless surfing and downloading all at the same time.

You manage and categorize your files using an intuitive Explorer-style interface. Automatically put your MP3 files in one location with ZIP files in another. The ZipZilla feature offers easy one-click unzipping and file installation when downloading compressed software packages.

Downloads can be started at any time, or scheduled for later when network traffic dies down or while you’re sleeping. And, with MonsterUpdate you will be automatically notified of updates and information about your favorite programs-you’ll always be the first among your friends to get the newest version of your favorite apps.

You love downloads-now you’ll love the lizard. Go!Zilla ­ Monster Downloads.

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